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Dec 8, 2017

OKAY HERE IS YOUR WARNING! WE ARE IN THE COMEDY SECTION! SO IF ANYONE DOESN’T FIND ANY HUMOR IN ALL OF THE LATEST SEX SCANDALS IN HOLLYWOOD AND IN POLITICS THEN THIS SHOW ISN’T FOR YOU BECAUSE INSIDE THE CAVE or mainly CB and JAY DAVIS GOES THERE!Slick Rick Asks did CB and Big Dawg and CB try the dick pills from last episode. CB starts the show with a PSA for all the men thats cheating in 2017. Sly gives a Shout Out to 3 special ladies from Inside The Cave Podcast Facebook Group. Roland gives credit to Lavar Ball for being an EVIL GENIUS! CB also gives The Cleeze Report Podcast a KYSandSO for Obama Bashing on the most recent episode to the dismay of Roland. Then Jay Davis calls in to talk about NOT ANOTHER BLACK MOVIE being available on AMAZON PRIME and talk about some of the most ridiculous sexual misconduct claims of recent. Some of the conversation gets out of hand and Big Dawg as always takes the lead and changes direction but once again, WE ARE IN THE COMEDY SECTION!
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