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Listen Weekly to Inside The Cave Podcast.  Chicago’s #1 Podcast since 2015. Inside The Cave is now available on Indie Central Radio, LIVE every Friday from 12pm-3pm Central.

Jun 24, 2019

We are back from Vegas and we give you a recap of what we can tell you and more from our trip.

We discuss Matthew Knowles saying Beyonce (his daughter) is only successful because of her light complexion.  

We also discuss #BlackMenDontCheat

Kat helps a nosey BITCH who went through her mans phone and found more then what...

Jun 3, 2019

D.L. Hughley returns to Inside The Cave to talk about Trumps presidency, The Bunkers and Jeffersons reboot, fellow comedian J Anthony Brown fighting Leukemia and more.

Before D.L. Hughley comes on Ro is in charge once again and leads the crew with Things That Black Folks do at the Movies to the dismay of Ced.

With no...

May 28, 2019

Ro made good on his promise to be the new leader of Inside The Cave even if its just for one episode.

CB tells an original Halle Berry story before giving major props to Dell Curry before calling out The Woke Society again.

Kat helps a woman who has met the man of her dreams but the situation could be a nightmare in...

May 6, 2019

After a three week hiatus Inside The Cave is BACK!

CB calls out Ro and Dawg for not being able to handle the pressure of running the show in his absence.

This weeks edition of True False or Ehhh?

Things that happen at Black Funerals that don't happen at White Funerals.

In the #HeToo segment CB and Ro calls out women for...