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Oct 6, 2017

This weeks show starts off with the new segment YOU GOT 30 Seconds and the crew does a little better then they did last week although Kat refused to participate. During AROUND THE CAVE the crew gives heart felt feelings about the Vegas Tragedy and Roland extends the discussion to home grown terrorist, while CB asks what would the reaction be if it was a Jay Z concert? Then on Kats Corner, Kat helps a mother who finds rulers and measuring tape in the bathroom after her 12 year old son leaves. The guys give their opinions as well. During KILL YASELF and START OVER, Joe with the frog in his throat manages to give Trump a KYSASO for his actions in Puerto Rico this week. CB gives it to a coworker whose debit card didnt work during break. Big Dawg gives the reporter who said Lavar Ball was the worse Sports Dad a KYSASO and Ced and Big Hurd break down week 5 NFL games. All this and more plus a special dedication to cohost Cousin Lamar in his absence. NEXT EPISODE INSIDE THE CAVE INTRODUCES A NEW COHOST SO STAY TUNED AND KEEP SUBSCRIBING. ALSO LISTEN TO CLEEZE REPORT PODCAST ON iTUNES AVAILABLE EVERY MONDAY! All female listeners send in your questions that you always wanted to ask men in general and we will answer them HONESTLY. You ask we Answer! Email them tweet them @CaveCrush or DM them to us on Instagram @Insidethecave