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Inside The Cave Podcast

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Nov 26, 2018

On this weeks episode of Inside The Cave Podcast we sit down with  Cherie Johnson from the hit show Punky Brewster and most notably Family Matters.

We travel back in time with Cherie to talk about how she landed the role of "Cherie" that was written based on her real life. 

Then we talk with Cherie about Family Matters and what life was like for her when she wasn't recording on how she lived a rockstar lifestyle.

This interview was by far one of the best of the year because Cherie was very open and even answered the all important CAVE CRUSH Questions.

Before Cherie comes on CB, Sly, Kat, and Big Dawg gives examples of "people that are too old to be thuggin"

All this and more on this weeks episode of Inside The Cave.