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Jul 20, 2018

On this episode of Inside The Cave we talk with the  This past week on Instagram a meme with a beautiful black woman went viral but this time for positive reasons.

 Meet Tiffani D'Andria a young black woman who buys abandoned houses, rehabs them and puts them back in her community as new.  Tiffani is a former model that decided it wasn't enough money in it for her, and after a rough divorce she decided to go back to her roots in Birmingham Alabama and reinvest.

Tiffani talks about her early struggles, her recent success, plans for the future, and a lot more.  

Tiffani also sticks around for Kats Corner to help a woman whose man thinks her son is gay.

Then Tiffani plays  #TellThaTruth with Sly

Before Tiffani comes on CB talks about the difference between what women see and men see.  Then rants on the new Instagram feature "Ask Me A Question" and why some women cant get mad for receiving nasty questions.

Also original host International D returns for the first time in almost a year and gets into a heated debate about politics with Roland.

All this and more on this weeks episode of Inside The Cave.

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