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Inside The Cave Podcast

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Oct 28, 2017

On this Episode Sly ask the Ladies,do you have to ask your man permission before cutting your hair? CB and Joe says most definitely and some how the conversation turns into a discussion on women wearing head scarfs that stinks. The guys do a little better in CBs new opening YOU GOT 30 SEC with Roland showing off his singing vocals. With no Kat this week, Kats Corner turned into Big Dawgs Outhouse and Big Dawg was on FIRE as he took on the whole cave as no one agreed with him. A insecure lady writes in talking about her husband that loss a lot of weight and she is scared he might cheat on her. Joe Dirt is back with another disturbing Dirt Sheets. Ced brings information on a sad, sad story for Kill YaSelf and Start Over and a lot more on this weeks episode of Inside The Cave. Email us tweet us @CaveCrush or DM us on Instagram @Insidethecave