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Dec 2, 2018

On this weeks episode of Inside The Cave we have K-Love the Poet as our special guest.  K-Love is a mainstream poet that has shared the stage with so many greats in Hip-Hop and her poetry has influenced so many as well.  Her latest and most popular work, "Million Dollar Melanin" (heard at the beginning of podcast) was influenced by her own mother at times being ashamed of her dark skin.  She talks about how her grandmother use to put bleach in the bath tub to clean her mother.  K-Love now uses her voice to help other women, like her mother embrace their skin and love themselves.

Of course being a guest on Inside The Cave the message could sometimes be loss with the "thought-provoking ignorance" and CB asks the other guys why do they only date light skin women? Kat defends being light skin and K-Love has to clean up the mess by expressing that we are all black and we are not in competition.

K-Love joins the group for a segment called GTFOH

CB gets to say "Told Ya So with the latest General Motors layoffs"

Velle talks about a wife getting deported

Celebrity stories with Inside The Cave when CB was with R.Kelly and met Charlie Wilson 

A man tells his son only if a woman wears a dress she will give you sex to the discuss of his wife in Kats Corner.

Sly #TellThaTruth

Joe Dirt is back with the Dirt Sheets

Velle with the Rap Up

and word from St. Andrew #message