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Nov 10, 2017

On this Best of Inside The Cave part 3 we go back to the beginning of episode 32 where CB Joe and Velle argue over the direction of the show moving forward. Next segment goes back to episode 18 where CB gives an important moment in Black History that never gets mentioned with the help of Roland. Then we go to episode 31 where cousin Lamar gives us some Emails and Complaints from some upset listeners like FOLKS and THEM. Then a clip from episode 28 CB Kat Joe D and Lamar argue about the state of the Black Church. Next we go all the way back to episode 6 and talk with a male exotic dancer and he tells us the low down on all the lousy women that sleeps with strippers. Finally from episode 29 Joe Dirt tells us about a husband who is tired of his wife. Email us tweet us @CaveCrush or DM us on Instagram @Insidethecave