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Jul 15, 2017

Fully Loaded episode this week with a BONUS episode being uploaded the following Thursday. Attorney Tiffany Simmons is our guest and co host this week as she talks about her new Trap Novel, The Plugs Lawyer. Ced, Roland, Kat and Big Dawg get in a heated discussion over the latest with Dr Umar Johnson, Joe Dirt pisses off the Catholic Church with his latest Dirt Sheets, and CB gives the city of Harlem a KYSASO for letting Guns N Roses perform at the Apollo. THE PLUGS LAWYER Raw, gritty, and witty. This unexpected tale of the good girl with trap habits that shoots for her dream as The Plugs Lawyer. Kinda hood, more classy, Tia Jones. Midwest raised, southern paid, the lawyer that talks the talk and walks to walk,as we see what made her become the legal genius of the nation. The Plugs Lawyer is made for that girl looking to escape her past for a better life. Ride the wave of life with Tia in the first installation of three as she builds the Jones Law empire. Betrayal, desperation, desire, and persistence, this story is the voice for the smart, hood girl looking to find where she belongs which is at the top. SHOP NOW BUY THE SHIRT