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Jul 15, 2018

On this episode of Inside The Cave Podcast we help a man who is hurting over the loss of his ex mistress who recently died in a car accident and he wants to bring her kids home to his wife and kids.

Big Dawg is back and seeks revenge against Sly
CB brings a conspiracy to Roland that damn near makes Joe and Kat quit on...

Jul 5, 2018

On this episode we go back to the origins when we first added Roland to Inside The Cave as a permanent host in October of 2016. 

In Rolands first appearance he explains his way of thinking and his already popular Instagram and YouTube page The Cleeze Report.  Then CB gives a conspiracy about Magic Johnson for Roland...

Jun 30, 2018

On this weeks episode CB is back with new segments and with Kat absent the guys go all in so if you have sensitive ears this show might not be fore you.  But if you love to laugh then enjoy.

After listeners feedback we talk about Lee Daniels vs Dame Dash in things that Lee Daniels shouldn't say.

After putting Big Dawg...

Jun 22, 2018

Roland is still in charge this week but has help from Velle.  

Sly keeps the cheap shots at Big Dawg coming but does Big Dawg return to settle the score?

Kat sets a young woman straight for not appreciating a guy who adores her and loves her children in Kats Corner.

Joe Dirt returns with another shitty story for Dirt...

Jun 15, 2018

Roland takes on hosting duties this week, with the "Skeleton" group of Inside The Cave and this show gets out of hand quick!

Roland has a tough time reading Listeners Feedback and Ced calls for his job right away.

Kat calls out a man for his cheating ways when he asks about going on a guys trip to Hawaii, to the...