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Nov 5, 2018

On this weeks episode we interview one of the leading voices of the culture and host of the number one morning show in America, Charlamagne The God. 

Charlamagne is in Chicago promoting his new book "Shook Ones Anxiety Playing tricks on me" and took a few minutes out of his schedule to talk with Inside The Cave.

Charlemagne talks about his relationship with Eboni K Williams and Angela Rye. Dr Umar Johnsons influence over the black vote and the 2016 election.  How mental health effects the black community and more. 

Here is what happens before Charlemagne comes on

  • The guys teach Kat and the ladies the difference between Love and Lust.
  • You Know A Ni**a bout to start lying when...?
  • Women who dress up as school girls are added to #HeToo
  • Roland loses his mind in KYSASO
  • A woman is sleeping with her best friends husband and has his kids
  • #TellThaTruth is it okay for married men to like other women photos on social media?
  • A man dies from eating his wifes ass in Dirt Sheets
  • Rap Up
  • A Message from St. Andrew