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Sep 25, 2018

On this weeks episode of Inside The Cave the BIG announcement that CB promised last episode if here and its called

Last Night In Vegas

           Last Night in Vegas is the weekly           episodic scripted but unscripted           ratchet reality web series about           what was supposed to be a fun guys           trip to Vegas that goes completely           off the rails when the guys make a           5 thousand dollar bet on who can           get some. 
           There will be acts of violence,           acts of sex, somebody might die           and then come back again like they           never died last episode.... Just           like Vegas anything can happen on           this new series.
Listen to the Pilot episode of Last Night In Vegas
at the 51:00 mark.
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-Before all that CB add Drake to the #HeToo movement
-After 2 years of being abused Ced finally mans up and puts Kat in her place
-Then Ced goes 1 on 1 against Sly
-Kat helps a woman who loss her best friend to Marriage.
-Sly is back with #TellThaTruth
 -Joe Dirt is back with the Dirt Sheets to find out if Ernie and Burt is gay and also names other characters that maybe gay as well.
-Velle Raps Up the Show..... Wait Wat
plus hot takes throughout the show by Roland and Big Dawg.

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