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Oct 27, 2019

We dedicate this episode to one of our longtime listener and supporters "Slick Ric".  If you are a day one supporter of Inside The Cave then you know this name as he created the term "writer inner".  Slick Ric is no longer with us but will always be remembered and we play some classic feedback and classic confrontations between Slick Ric and Inside The Cave because through all the BS, Jokes, and ignorance Slick Ric actually made us better and we will never forget it.  RIP Slick Ric.

Also we discuss the latest with Tank and sucking c**k

El Chapo son detained and released

Lisa Raye blames Duane Martin for her divorce and Tisha Campbell agrees

Michael Jordan vs Steph Curry

A Marathon Cheater

Kats Corner

#TellThaTruth and more