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Listen Weekly to Inside The Cave Podcast.  Chicago’s #1 Podcast since 2015. Inside The Cave is now available on Indie Central Radio, LIVE every Friday from 12pm-3pm Central.

Jul 27, 2018

On this episode of Inside The Cave, CB add none other then Beyonce and Destinys Child to the #HeTooMovement and Kat ends up agreeing with him.  

Joe Dirt gives props to NFL player Jurell Casey for taking a stand against the NFL and not worrying about being fined for not standing for the anthem.

Sly gets political and CB...

Jul 20, 2018

On this episode of Inside The Cave we talk with the  This past week on Instagram a meme with a beautiful black woman went viral but this time for positive reasons.

 Meet Tiffani D'Andria a young black woman who buys abandoned houses, rehabs them and puts them back in her community as new.  Tiffani is a former model that...

Jul 15, 2018

On this episode of Inside The Cave Podcast we help a man who is hurting over the loss of his ex mistress who recently died in a car accident and he wants to bring her kids home to his wife and kids.

Big Dawg is back and seeks revenge against Sly
CB brings a conspiracy to Roland that damn near makes Joe and Kat quit on...

Jul 5, 2018

On this episode we go back to the origins when we first added Roland to Inside The Cave as a permanent host in October of 2016. 

In Rolands first appearance he explains his way of thinking and his already popular Instagram and YouTube page The Cleeze Report.  Then CB gives a conspiracy about Magic Johnson for Roland...