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Jul 29, 2019

True False or Ehhh

Things parents told us growing up that were lies

Listeners Feedback *Kat responds to Int D from last episode*

Who  aint got no Bitches? Floyd Mayweather vs 50 Cent

This Weeks Headlines

  • Trump being Tump?
  • Man scales building to save mom
  • Lela Rochon

Kats Corner

My girlfriend tried to set me up and now...

Jul 22, 2019

True False or Ehh

Will Smith vs Jada Pinkett-Smith 

Dating a liar

why Kat broke up with D and more


Jul 15, 2019

On this weeks episode we witness the unexpectant return of the Cave original host International D.  We have to catch D up on how we things around here because he's been gone so long.

During the first segment True False or Ehhh we get into a big discussion on interracial dating.

Drake vs Chris Brown

In the news headlines...

Jul 1, 2019

On this episode we interview comedian Tenisia aka She Is The T and talk about Fredrick Fridays, Girls Trips,being a sexy comic, and more.  

Before the interview we play another round of True False or Ehhh

CB introduces a new segment "who aint got no bitches" (if you have sensitive ears this is your warning before...