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Dec 22, 2017

After a heated debate and argument from last episode we figure we get back to what we do best and bring in a Cave Crush for all of our loyal fans of Inside The Cave. Adult entertainer Anya Ivy calls in to the delight of Sly and CB and she answers ALL of their questions, somebody say sumthn bout Heels On or Heels Off? Sly gets Anya opinion on mens grooming from a question from our Inside The Cave Podcast Facebook group. While CB tests her Porn Knowledge by playing an x-rated version of The Caves favorite game “You Got 30 Seconds!”

Before Anya calls in during Around The Cave CB and Roland take cheap shots at each other continuing there debate from last episode. Kats Corner turns into Big Dawgs Outhouse as the guys try and help a wife whose kids is jealous of their dads relationship with kids from another relationship.

Since we had a Porn Star call in we decided to replay a Classic Dirt Sheets with Joe Dirt “Zap in the GAP” with CB, Ced, and former co-host Kaylah. This gets wild!

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