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Dec 24, 2018

On the last live show of 2018 the whole crew is in, and we decide to give you less of the thought-provoking and more of the IGNORANCE.  No news, all ignorant commentary.

We start the show with feedback from the past few episodes with Cousin Lamar.

Next segment we play 'I don't know who needs to heat this but...." We have been starting the show like this for the past few episodes but this is by far the wildest one because someone didnt edit.

On Around the Cave/Zero to 100/KYSASO, Kat pays homage to Joseph for accepting Marys love child otherwise known as Baby Jesus and raising him to be the most important baby ever known to man. Since CB has been snitching lately Ced tells stories about CB. Sly and CB gives sarcastic hope to all the lonely women on Christmas.

Next the crew talks about things they would do if they were drunk that they wouldn't do if they were sober.  CB tries to get tough with Big Dawg and asks Kat for a sexual favor before being knocked down by both Kat & Dawg.  Then Dawg flips the script and tells a drunken story about CB that ended with him needing an MRI.

On Kats Corner, Kat helps a woman whose husband won't come up for air and give her penetration.  Then she helps a woman whose husband has a switch, a pop, and a slide when he walks.

On the Cleeze Report Roland tries to make sense of CBs logic of THE SYSTEM.

Sly once again starts an argument in #TellThaTruth and aggravates Kat again

Joe Dirt is back with the Dirt Sheets and Sly steps in for St. Andrew to leave 2018 on a Positive Note #Message

stay tuned for a bonus episode with interview with Dubs Dollas, the season finale of Last Night in Vegas and CB interview The President of the United States Donald Trump