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Listen Weekly to Inside The Cave Podcast.  Chicago’s #1 Podcast since 2015. Inside The Cave is now available on Indie Central Radio, LIVE every Friday from 12pm-3pm Central.

Mar 25, 2019

On this episode of Inside The Cave, the show kicks off with True, False or Ehhhh? where CB asks the crew random questions.

The Cave lets you know when you're too old to be at the party or in the club.

Then we read the answers from a Facebook question, Could you work with your spouse? Then give our opinions as well.

With no Kat this week, the guys finally answer Kats question about how guys feel when their boy says they're getting married.

#TellThaTruth with special guest Boo

and Velle is back with the Rap Up


Bonus episode with Boo and Sports Update