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Sep 8, 2017

For all our new listeners this episode is for you as we take you back in the day with Inside The Cave. This episode starts with the opening of Ep.33 when CB introduced 2 new co-host to Inside The Cave. Then we go back to Ep.29 Kill YaSelf and Start Over where International D calls out the CEO of Sprint before CB tries another Racist Joke. Then we travel back to Ep.26 and celebrate Womens History Month by acknowleding important women in our lives both past and present. Joe recognizes Envogue and Ced recognizes International D ex-wife WAIT WHAT!? Then we travel to Ep.37 for Oooga of the Week where CB gets the crew to tell International D how they feel about him in his absence. The guys go HEAD above the call of duty to show their appreciation. Then we got way back to Ep.18 where former co-host Kaylah ask the guys why is it okay for men to sleep around and not women. The guys schooled the young lady. Then we go to Ep.56 where Kat takes CB to Big Dawgs Cave Court along side his deputy Cousin Lamar. Kat finally gets her revenge in this crazy segment that got out of control quickly. CB was represented by the prestiges attorney Joe Dirt while Kat was represented by slick talking Velle Vel. Finally we go back to the episode with Mya where Joe Dirt gives a young man the Dirties Man Award for acting as a OBGYN before Velle Raps the show up.
All female listeners send in your questions that you always wanted to ask men in general and we will answer them HONESTLY. You ask we Answer! Email them tweet them @CaveCrush or DM them to us on Instagram @Insidethecave