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Aug 11, 2017

Lets go back in the day with Inside the Cave and listen to some memorable moments from early on. The first segment was from 2016 for CBs Quote of the Week. CB talks about Kevin Hart giving the reasons why he doesn’t cheat and that leads to CB and Ced breaking down the difference between a side chick and mistress from Episode 17. Next from Episode 27, Joe gives Kim Jong Un a Kill YaSelf and Start Over as a prelude to whats going on in the world today. CB ends the segment with a racially insensitive joke of the week. Next The Cave makes Kat the official co-host of Inside The Cave by giving her a live interview during the show from Episode 28. International D tells us how hard it is being a light skin man in America during Oooga of the Week from Episode 33. Velle, Joe Dirt and CB admits they have the same porn addiction as Terry Cruz from a News update from 2016. Next from Episode 38 Bonus show CB asks the group which race has the tightest Vagina and Joe reminds them that all Vaginas are not created equal. Finally from a Dirt Sheets from Episode 26, Joe talks about a woman that hides her own crap in her purse because she was to ashamed to tell her boyfriend his toilet doesn’t work. All female listeners send in your questions that you always wanted to ask men in general and we will answer them HONESTLY. You ask we Answer! Email them tweet them @CaveCrush or DM them to us on Instagram @Insidethecave . Shop